Can we see how we tend to slice and dice our experience of the world, divide the seamless whole into ‘this’ and ‘that’?

This behaviour is easy and reassuring but only serves to solidify the abundant and infinite difference and variance of the world into immutable and distant objects to like and dislike.


“At some point there is a line we cross, and we find ourselves beyond the line.
We discover that there is something else, independently from me as a person… we are interested in something bigger, you see, and that’s when it becomes really rewarding and interesting. So we have to discover in us this impersonal interest for the Truth, not always coming from this mercantile view that we do something in order to to get something for ourselves.”

Francis Lucille

Thoughts only capture and control us if we identify with them, personalise them and hold onto them as true representations. Can we simply notice them, accept and acknowledge them, then let them go and watch them evaporate as quickly as they emerge?